Bike Ride-Middle Harbor Shoreline Park

MiddleHarbor_night Bike ride to Middle Harbor Shoreline Park

This is our favorite place to watch the firework shows at AT&T Park or on the Embarcadero. A short bike ride takes you to a very serene park with fabulous views of the Bay Bridge and San Francisco.

From Jack London Square, take 3rd Street, turning left at Middle Harbor Shoreline Drive. You’ll climb a short overpass and drop down for a ride with the Port of Oakland operations on your left.  Those large loading cranes were the inspiration for the ‘walkers’ seen in George Lucas’ Wars movies. Ride about 2 miles and turn into the park to discover the Shoreline Bay Trail, estuary views and some of the best views of San Francisco–without the noise and crowds found in the touristy areas. Because of the big rig/container activity, this is best ridden during the evening hours or weekends.

 About the Park

Middle Harbor Shoreline Park is a 38-acre shoreline park built and operated by the Port of Oakland for the community, with more than two miles of pathways encircling Middle Harbor Basin. The park provides unprecedented access to the shoreline, with associated views of the bay, natural habitats and maritime activity.

The park remains open for all visitors from 8am to dusk, year around.Bay Area Bike Rentals bike ride to Middle Harbor Shoreline Park

Picnic/BBQ areas

Why not rent one of the cargo/family bikes and plan for a picnic! Bring your own blanket for lawn picnicking or select a picnic table with a BBQ pit. Picnic areas are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the park; nor are dogs or fireworks.

There are just under three miles of pathways that are available for pedestrians and bicyclists to explore the shoreline and inland areas of the park. These pathways are extensions of the regional San Francisco Bay Trail, and connect directly to the adjacent Port View Park and the West Oakland neighborhood.


The park’s shoreline pathways allow for excellent wildlife observation year-round. Numerous shorebirds, diving ducks, and sea birds can be seen just off shore. Year-round residents include the Forster’s tern, western gull, double-crested cormorant, and brown pelican. Summer visitors include the Caspian tern, least tern, California gull, Canada goose, and snowy egret. Winter visitors include the common goldeneye, ruddy duck, bufflehead, scaup, western sandpiper, dunlin, surf scoter, Western/Clark’s grebe, and eared grebe. Interpretive panels with photos of these birds can be found within the park.

While nearby ship traffic always seems entertaining, the feeding and grooming antics of waterfowl are fascinating. During your visit here, take time to look for the many species of birds that find food and refuge in this area. As the habitat is restored and improved, many animals will return, giving us the chance to observe wildlife in the city.


Cast out a line at Pt. Arnold for great fishing opportunities. A California State fishing license is required to fish at Middle Harbor Shoreline Park, with the exception of fishing from the pier at the end of Port View Park, where no California State fishing license is required.